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Turn Your Donor Database Giving Around With This Tip

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

The uncommon solution to a declining nonprofit giving source.

While we see the economic landscape change literally every week, we spend time with our clients advising them on strategies and solutions to turn their donor database around quickly and consistently. One strategy we would like to share, albeit super simple, we consider this the uncommon solution to a declining nonprofit.

The Idea

Ideas are flying around like crazy these days. "What can we do?" "What is the best solution to keep our major donors?" "How can we keep the organization from seeing a major shift during these times and embrace each of our constituents properly, lovingly and with open arms but also find out where they stand with regards to gift giving over the next 3-6 months?".

The Script

If you are a non-profit organization you are either diligently working to find new or improved solutions to your donor's gift giving reliability OR you are paralyzed and unsure what to do. Let us give you a suggestion that is super simple but proving to be one of the most effective strategies helping our clients with donor giving. Preparation: Make a list of your major donors in your database

The Call Script: Take time and call each one of them with only ONE thing in mind when you make the call. To find out whole-heartedly how they are doing. You are making calls to all your donors to find out how their life is going, are they staying in, is there anything going on in their life that you can help with. What are their concerns? What are events that are stressing them?

The purpose: Your call is to engage, not to ask. This is not an "ask" call. This is a "comfort" call. You are taking time out of your schedule to be there for them and find out what you can do, if anything, for them. The more you engage, reassure, ask and comfort, the most your major donors will know you care.

The Results

They will step up sooner than later to continue their plan of giving. This is you loving your donors, just as they have loved you with their gifts prior to today. What took time this week to call every single major donor in your database, splitting the efforts within your company so that everyone feels the love. Three things will happen. 1. You will know exactly what they are going through, either personally or professionally 2. You will know what you can do to help them 3. You will feel like you have made a real difference in their life as they have in your organization.

The Strategy Ongoing

In all honesty this kind of phone call should be happening every quarter to your donor database. But we know that you are busy planning events, maintaining the needs of your donors requests or servicing them in some way or another. We know that taking time to reach out without any expectations of where the call is going is an uncommon practice. We know that the second, third and fourth gift from a donor is always the hardest to acquire but the most valuable and is the very difference between super successful nonprofits who sustain their income and those who struggle. For all the things you are doing that leave no special moments to make calls to your donor database - consider outsourcing those duties to Advancement tech. For all the headaches you have right now that are taking you away from what is most important, reaching out to find out how your major donors are doing - consider hopping on a call with us to see how we can help.



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