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Qualitative donor data will unlock true giving potential

By Steve Gray

Identifying quality prospects or trends in a donor database

Upon which future solicitation efforts can be based is an exercise most non-profit organizations embark upon once in a great while. Typically, it is done in advance of a major campaign to identify major gift prospects.

Sadly, many institutions opt straight for purchase

 and/or subscription  to elaborate wealth screening systems promising results, not realizing that even the most comprehensive and technically complex quantitative analysis only tells the smallest part of the story - donor capacity. Even those results are dicey at best given the ability for donors to shield their assets and giving history from the public through the use of tools such as donor advised funds or private foundations.

The true gold is found in the qualitative analysis of your donor database

conducting donor surveys focusing on a few key areas surrounding past donors’ affinity for their institutions of choice. Basically questions framed around “What motivated you to support our cause?”

Responses from such surveys then create a set of identifiable

attributes where commonalities among the interviewed group can serve as new, and arguably truer searchable indicators throughout the rest of a donor database

Before you consider deeply diving into expensive prospect research systems

instead, start at the beginning - take the time to ask your donors why they love you and what you can do to make them love you more. Past is prologue.

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