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Without Increasing Your Budget
Or Hiring In House Systems Support !

Overview of
our services

Assessment prepares you for growth

Results from a comprehensive assessment and audit provide the proper direction to develop a tailored scope of work which meet the identified needs of our clients. No tools are more effective than onsite  discovery and audit. Examination of the business needs, processes and systems of nonprofit organizations best informs how to implement industry best practices while honoring the organizational culture.

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Data efficiency = Donor Engagement


Clean and organized, efficient and reliable. Your donor data should be easily accessible, segmented for unique marketing events and campaigns. Data integrity and reporting utilizing the latest technology in ways that are easy to understand, implement and administer.


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Right systems = Superior Donor Engagement

ATS has experience with all major donor database platforms. As such we can provide valuable consultation to ensure you are selecting the best platform and implementing it in the best way.

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Reduce your budget by outsourcing your database administration and support.

ATS offers superior resources to outsource critical elements such as donor database administration, campaign management using direct 

mail, email and social media, as well  as web development.  


Ask about our Zoom online training for database systems, performed remotely to onsite staff offering extensive knowledge in a box "per se" as training and mentoring as a transparent service is a game changer for us and our clients.

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Project solutions for all sizes.


Every organization has unique needs. Shunning boiler plate solutions, ATS consultants use decades of nonprofit experience to develop a unique event experience, assigning dedicated subject matter experts to each engagement.


We offer custom projects and support for event launches.

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Technology and messaging to increase gifts


When considering the future of your donors and the gifts they will bestow to you, having a combination of the right technology to collect online donations and having a clean database with the right messaging going out to engage those donors is critical.

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Learn in our cost-free webinar, about the different ways to optimize your organization.


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